Introduction of the DAPM COIN (DPCN)

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 DAMPCOIN (DPCN) is a decentralized crypto currency or digital asset. DPCN has the same structures and uses as a digital currency or decentralized virtual asset. DPCN, currently found on the Ethereum Blockchainplatform will be traded around the world on the any Crypto Exchange that lists DAMPCOIN.


DAPM COIN was created by Danglo and Prieto Mining  and was invented by the GLOBAL CEO AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Danglo and Prieto Mining, Ernesto Francisco Maposse. With extensive experience in crypto currencies on the African continent since 2010 and was part of  several crypto currency coin projects. 

The importance for Cryptocurrency regulation. To have and use a legalized currency.            

  1- First , the achievement that Cryptocurrency Dapmcoin ( DPCN ) achieved is an important and big milestone, and achievement for the entire digital currency market in the world. In other words, for all decentralized currencies or cryptocurrencies, this is a historic milestone for the financial market in terms of legal financial technological advancement.2- We will make several examples in various ways so that the perception is as clear as possible, regarding the regulation of a Cryptocurrency or digital asset. 3- We all know that something legalized is 100% legal and safe, it has security and transparency and is different from something illegal. A perfect thing to achieve for legal business. Even if it can take more time to appreciate value will always be safe with solidity to the users.4- An illegal thing even if it can  moves trillions inside with liquidity will always be illegal and brings problems for the network who make use of it, until it is legalized if possible. And something illegal has a tendency to bring harm to many users, until certain concepts of it are legalized and edited for legal use if possible. It’s all that is illegal generates fear and panic in the enter market.5- Having a legalized decentralized currency is a key for everyone to be safe. Using the Dapmcoin DPCN  digital Currency makes all users feels safe and comfortable by using the legalized digital currency anywhere around the world. For being Cryptocurrency active for the global use in a legal way. No possibility of being at risk of responding to some criminal proceedings by using illegal products and services.


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